We at Executive-Chauffeur are dedicated to building strong lasting relationships with our clients and aim to fulfil their needs and expectations at all times. We recognise as a chauffeuring business that sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens we encourage our clients to tell us in order for us to resolve them. We use information from complaints as a key tool in improving the quality of service we deliver to our clients and through undertaking the root cause analysis work on complaints aim to prevent their reoccurrence where possible. Our clients can be confident that we will deal with their complaints in a fair and transparent way and that their insight will enable us to adopt and develop our service that aligns with your needs.

Executive-Chauffeur is committed to transparency and to treating our customers fairly at all times. We understand that where a customer complaints that it is important that their complaint is fully investigated and handled fairly on an individual basis, with a view to a prompt resolution where possible. We are always reviewing our complaint handling procedure to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

To make a complaint

​Please complete the form below.  The complaint will be recorded in our Complaints log and will be reviewed within 48 hours.